Over the last 39 years, Les has been performing, either as a solo artist or as part of a band, both in the UK and across Europe, and has several TV and radio appearances (including BBC Cambridge, Coventry, Hull, Merseyside and Stoke) to his credit.
He has played and sung with a variety of top acts, including:
Henry Priestman (The Christians /It’s Immaterial/Yachts), Graham Gouldman (10cc), Pete Riley (Edwin McCain/Amy Wadge), John Reilly (Boy on a Dolphin), JJ Gilmour (The Silencers), Lotte Mullan, and Micaela Haslam (BBC singers/Synergy Vocals) and Gary Barlow, to name but a few. He has also supported artists such as Deaf School, Fisherman’s Friends, Nick Harper, Ian McNabb, Martin Stephenson and Wreckless Eric.
He has a healthy love of all styles of music, from Hank Williams to Motorhead and an unhealthy love of 70’s Pop. Les can often be heard incorporating an interesting cover or two into his live performances.
His early band days of the late 70’s/early 80’s saw him as part of the Liverpool music scene playing at the now legendary Eric’s club, supporting the likes of The Chameleons and A Flock of Seagulls.

Having a very dynamic approach to playing, Les applies his unique style to his own original compositions. His new album ‘The Love Terrorist’ contains twelve tracks, covering a variety of subjects; from bitter sweet observations with hints of poignancy and humour, to life affirming, joyous rants, aimed at people who are old of mind but young at heart, or vice versa! The title track, looks at life through the sympathetic eyes of a man in his mid fifties, trying to come to terms with the injustices of a crazy world by offering a simple solution. ‘Behind My lens’ tells a story of unrequited love and expels ‘the grass is greener’ myth, and most middle aged men will relate to that uncomfortable mid life check-up, so eloquently described in ‘Doctor Feelbad’.

Throughout the year Les will be performing, both solo and as the right hand man and sparring partner of his musical mentor/collaborator Henry Priestman, at house gigs and music venues and festivals across the UK. Their collaborative new album, ‘Six of one & half a dozen of the other’ is due for release later in the year.

“Loved up Les, one man, a guitar, and a pile of great songs” – James Watt (BBC Radio Presenter)


‘Men of a certain Age’, “one of many enjoyable numbers on his debut album” – R2 Magazine


“Comes with a sense of irony and self awareness missing from most music” – Boff Walley (Chumbawamba)


‘The Love Terrorist’, “It’s all about the songs, these’ll make you laugh, cry and sing. Great stuff” – Henry Priestman (The Christians/Yachts)


“Henry and Les have great chemistry” – Graham Gouldman (10cc)


“It’s good to see some quality product from one of life’s nice guys.” – Mike Ainscoe (Sonic Bandwagon)


“Perfectly structured novellas, liberally peppered with moral metaphor . In fact, it’s a collection of songs I can’t recommend enough” – Gary Wilcox (The Quiet Revolution)

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3 weeks ago

Loved Up Les Glover

Really enjoyed this session on the Narrowboat and so much has happened in the 4 years since we were last on, Henry's changed his strings twice and we've both invested heavily in Aldi's middle aisle...

The Narrowboat Sessions
Our skipper and Henry Priestman have been friends for many years so it was a double bonus when he brought another old friend with him, the wonderful Les Glover. Henry and Les are probably the two busiest jobbing troubadours in the business visiting schools and social organisations during the day and gigging all around the country nearly every evening. These two lovely fellas really are a pleasure to work with as it really is a laugh a minute, even when they're trying to be sensible. Just have a listen to them singing this lovely Priestman/Herman song 'The Ghosts of a Thousand Fishermen' to appreciate just how good these guys are!

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4 months ago

Loved Up Les Glover

The Scottish Borders finest Festival 😁 ...

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