Les Glover


Les Glover has been entertaining and playing music for 40 years and performing all over the UK and across Europe and has appeared in several TV and dozens of BBC radio shows.

He has played and sang with many top acts including Graham Gouldman (10cc), Steve Nieve (Elvis Costello), James Burton (Elvis) and for the last 6 years has been the musical sparring partner of Henry Priestman (Yachts, It’s Immaterial, The Christians). His first album, The Love Terrorist “…a collection of songs I can’t recommend highly enough”, came out in 2015 and this year a collaboration with Priestman entitled Six of One & Half a Dozen of the Other, was released to 3, 4 star reviews and a number 13 position in the Mojo playlist chart.

Mark Kermode (BBC 5live) described it as “…a thing of beauty”

He Has just recorded a Christmas single with Slade drummer Don Powell and is currently working on a follow up album with some shows to follow.

Watch the video for the song “The Ghosts of a Thousand Fishermen” here:

And “Not in My Name” here:

And “Gamble with Love” here:

“Loved up Les, one man, a guitar, and a pile of great songs” – James Watt (BBC Radio Presenter)


‘Men of a certain Age’, “one of many enjoyable numbers on his debut album” – R2 Magazine


“Comes with a sense of irony and self awareness missing from most music” – Boff Walley (Chumbawamba)


‘The Love Terrorist’, “It’s all about the songs, these’ll make you laugh, cry and sing. Great stuff” – Henry Priestman (The Christians/Yachts)


“Henry and Les have great chemistry” – Graham Gouldman (10cc)


“It’s good to see some quality product from one of life’s nice guys.” – Mike Ainscoe (Sonic Bandwagon)


“Perfectly structured novellas, liberally peppered with moral metaphor . In fact, it’s a collection of songs I can’t recommend enough” – Gary Wilcox (The Quiet Revolution)

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3 weeks ago

Loved Up Les Glover

Record of the month on North Highland Radio :-D x ...

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3 months ago

Loved Up Les Glover

Getting very angry at austerity (well quite vexed) 😁

The Narrowboat Sessions
There's nothing that our skipper loves more than playing with either of these two old friends so he just loved it when they dropped in on us at Grindley Brook to do a session for us. Henry Priestman & Les Glover have been playing together for quite a while now and in that time have really gelled well together and are absolute masters of the house gig. Here they are having a laugh and getting hilariously vexed at the world singing another of their superb creations, 'Not In My Name'.

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7 months ago

Loved Up Les Glover

'Shiver me timbers' it's a song from our last The Narrowboat Sessions.
'Enjoy landlubbers or we'll have ye hangin' from the nearest yardarm by the time we gets to Portsmouth'
With our good friends Mark and Sue ;-) x

The Narrowboat Sessions
Of all of the musicians in the world our skipper loves playing with these two old friends the most. 'Smooth' and 'Professional' are never words that can be used around Henry Priestman or Les Glover without causing them to laugh! 'Bloody brilliant' however is what you usually hear from their audiences after a gig! Here they are playing one of Les's superb songs, 'Old Man of The Sea'.

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